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Vol. 34(4) July/August 2016

PHARMA HORIZON - Vol 34(4) July/August 2016

skin care
Are skincare products with probiotics worth the hype? In recent years, there have been an increasing number of skincare ...
Biofuels increase, rather than decrease, heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions
Want a better memory? Try eating a Mediterranean diet Eating a Mediterranean diet can slow down cognitive decline.
flow chemistry for industrial applications
hair care
Hair loss after having a baby: What to expect For new mothers concerned about hair loss, dermatologists say they needn’t worry.
Why Are Hot Peppers Hot? (And How Milk Helps)
Health Risks of Traffic Noise Noise is defined as unwanted sound, and as such has both an objective (physical) and subjective (psychological) component.
infant nutrition
Garlic aroma found in breast milk Food chemists at FAU have found that garlic aroma is evident in the breast milk of women who have consumed garlic.
funny corner
Science protecting consumers from field to fork
what's new

Statement on RSPO Membership of IOI Group and IOI Oleo GmbH

After being suspended since April from RSPO activities due to issues occurred in two plantations belonging to the ...

what's new

Solvay is proud to announce that Sylvaine Neveuis the winner of the Irène Joliot-Curie Prize
in 2016

what's new

Cefic responds to Juncker State of the European Union speech, asks for compelling vision for industry

what's new

Cerbios-Pharma publishes its first Sustainability Report. A commitment towards becoming more sustainable, day after day.

what's new

“Evonik meets Science” forum: Researchers discuss resource efficiency in Bonn

Evonik Industries has developed a new coating system based on high-performance polymers ...

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